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Three 40x120cm panels // Acrylic and Venetian Plaster on Wrapped Canvas

When Thomas contacted me hoping to have a custom piece created, he shared examples of my work that he and his wife Janna liked. This, along with photos of the space where the final piece would hang, were the start of our process. The next piece of the puzzle was to figure out size. Since it would be shipped internationally, I researched the parameters for size with DHL, the shipping outlet that I use. Through a lot of trial and error with math (I know, right?! I'm so glad that I loved Geometry) we found the largest possible option for their space while staying within the general shipping guidelines. We agreed that 3 long individual panels to make up a larger square piece would be perfect!

From Thomas on why he chose to contact me: "When you started to incorporate more contrast into your work I fell in love with your style. We loved the fact that you are an Interior Designer and we knew you would make a piece that would complement the space. I am super happy you are willing to make us a larger piece that will fit in that space."

From Thomas after receiving the paintings: "This was fun watching you work through the process but the final product leaves me with insufficient words to describe. You definitely were listening to what I liked and it is clear that you were of a similar mind to be receptive to those stylistic elements. I would say I suppose it is the closest thing I have seen that represents my aesthetic to perfection."