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I use Venetian Plaster, acrylic paints and gold leaf to create atmospheric landscapes. Color and movement drive the expressionist brush stokes. Quiet simplicity at first glance is overtaken by a complex aura when examining the layers. 

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About Kelli.

Portrait by Gil Leora

Portrait by Gil Leora


I am an Abstract and Impressionist painter from Chicago, USA who is currently based in Munich, Germany. The foundation of my artistic practice is absorbing the colors, textures and natural compositions of every day life. My artistic focus is creating mixed media paintings that evoke mystery and mood with their atmospheric quality. I paint intuitively and follow the direction that each stroke of the knife, dab of the brush or swipe of my finger takes me.

Through my work, I hope to make a true connection with the viewer using color and texture to suggest the interaction of energy and calm // observing and feeling // actual and exaggerated.

Beginning with my first drawing class in college, I knew that I wanted to live my life as an artist and earned a BA of Studio Art. Though if I'm really honest, my love of painting blossomed as a child watching Bob Ross on PBS Saturday mornings.

My obsession with color theory began while painting “en plein air” in Monet’s gardens and around the French countryside. I spent a total of 5 months in France studying the Impressionism technique of capturing light and atmosphere directly from nature with inventive color. 

As much as I love to travel, I believe it's important to have beauty and inspiration surround you at home. I founded and grew Interior Artistry (1999 to 2016) as a specialty painting company using walls as my canvas. I created murals and innovative paint finishes in many homes. To compliment my fine art background and instinctive knowledge of home spaces, I continued my education by studying Interior Design. I had the opportunity to design home projects around Chicago, including kitchen and bath transformations.

Take a second to wander through my online shop or email me about a custom painting that invites beauty and inspiration into your home.